Avoid the Common Cold While Traveling

by Holly Godbey

Mar 15, 2015

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You can feel it before it happens. You think you’re just a little under the weather — maybe you’re a bit tired or maybe it’s just allergies. Then you’re finally hit at full-force and you find yourself miserably taking shots of cold medicine in your hotel room. There’s nothing worse than being sick while traveling, whether for business or for pleasure. The common cold especially can be an extreme nuisance, if not an all-out end, to your travel plans. Unfortunately, traveling exposes you to many environments — airplanes, public transportation, crowded conference venues — where it can be easy to pick up a cold. While there may be no cure for the common cold, you can take several preventative steps to make sure your body’s immune system is ready to battle out any circumstances that compromise your health.


First and foremost, make sure to stay hydrated. There’s no shame in admitting the majority of us aren’t drinking our recommended eight glasses a day, but try doubling or even tripling your typical daily amount. Your skin and digestive system will thank you for it. You can even add in healthy green and Echinacea teas that will give your immune system an extra boost.


Incorporate immunity-boosting foods into your diet both before and during your trip. Fruits and veggies are your friends, and have many more benefits other than just fighting off illnesses. A piece of fruit with breakfast or as a snack and some vegetables with lunch and dinner can go a long way. You definitely don’t want your post-travel diet to consist only of unhealthy fats and sugars that can weigh you down.


If you don’t have any conflicting health issues, consider taking a supplement. There are many different kinds of supplements that come in either pill or powder form, and they have a variety of uses. Simple supplements that increase your vitamin intake are excellent for your immune system and are typically inexpensive at any pharmacy. Emergen-C and Airborne are two specifically designed to stop the common cold before it even starts.


Catching the common cold can be a nuisance during your travels for both you and your traveling companions, but it doesn’t have to be. A little extra water throughout the day, vitamin-rich foods, rest and the proper supplements can make your life a bit easier. By making responsible decisions in preparation for your trip, you can proactively prevent a cold before it has a chance of starting.



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