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Ballet-Inspired Fitness Classes

by Veronica An

Mar 29, 2015

© Photographerlondon | Dreamstime

Health & Wellness

Try these trendy ballet-inspired fitness classes to help you stay on track with your workout.


Ballet dancers are known for their sleek looks and long, lean muscles. The warm-up routine they practice is called barre. This set of exercises and stretches target to abs and lower body. Some classes include floor exercises, similar to Pilates moves, or incorporate short bursts of cardio into their routine.


Try the popular The Bar Method, this fitness studio tailors a traditional ballet barre routine for a fitness-minded crowd. Their full-body workout uses light free weights and resistance exercises. Many participants report better posture and upper body benefits as well.


Most classes last about an hour and include warm-up and cool-down stretches. Be sure to talk to the instructor beforehand if you have weak knees or hip problems. As with any fitness class, wear loose comfortable clothing and keep an open mind; most gyms allow people to take one free trial class before committing.


Although taking these fitness classes won’t make you a prima ballerina, mixing up your fitness routine can do wonders!



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