Best Hiking Boots

by Anne Flannery

Jul 5, 2018

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There is a lot of advice out there on how to choose the right hiking boots. The first thing to keep in mind, however, is your terrain. There are many types of terrain and climates a dedicated hiker can encounter and this, as well as comfort, are the most critical considerations when choosing a boot.


The outdoor gear company REI has a great guide for figuring out what sort of boots to choose. First, ask yourself what kind of hiking you will be doing. There is a difference between day hiking and backpacking, even before you get into the more experienced mountaineering route. Day hiking involves trails. You may hike for 10–15 miles a day, but a lightweight, flexible, mid-rise boot might be all you need for that, particularly if your path is going to be well-marked and your elevation limited. These are usually weather-proof and suitable for a variety of climates and conditions. They are easily broken in.


A good pair can be found at Oboz or La Sportiva for men and women. If you are moving into the backcountry and need some solid boots for more rugged terrain, look for ones with more tread and ankle support like Salomon or Zamberlan boots. These will give you more support in varied elevation and when you go off path.


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