Coping with Seasonal Depression

by Katie Skrzek

Jan 3, 2019

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While the winter welcomes the cheery holiday season, this time of year can be difficult for some people. Whether it’s related to loss, depression surrounding the holiday or simply mood changes due to the cold and dark of winter, it can be easy to feel affected by this time of year. Here are some tips for coping with seasonal depression.


Stay Healthy

Combat those negative feelings by taking care of your health first and foremost. Go to the gym or take an exercise class, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, get enough sleep and hydrate.


Get Away

If possible, take a long weekend to a warmer destination or even to a nearby city. The change of scenery will provide a boost of energy and excitement to your usual routine.


Go Outside

Even if it’s a quick walk during your lunch break, taking a walk outside offers some much-needed vitamin D. For those dark mornings and nights, consider purchasing a light therapy lamp. There are many options available on Amazon.


Embrace Winter

Winter is inevitable, so embrace the season. Practice hygge, the Danish practice of feeling cozy and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Put on your coziest pajamas, light a candle, make a cup of tea, bake a dessert. Do whatever makes you feel most at ease.


Consult with your doctor before making any health-related changes. Consider speaking to a therapist if your symptoms are severe.


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