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How to Haggle in Marrakesh, Morocco

by Jess Hopper

Aug 20, 2014

© Pawel Opaska-Dreamstime


In the bustling city of Marrakesh, Morocco, shopping at the famous Souks, covered markets and the busy Djemma el Fnacity center can be an overwhelming experience for visitors. In many parts of the world – Marrakesh included – haggling is a shopping tradition, and one that can trip up travelers. Follow these steps to get the best prices.

Split the difference – To start, offer half the original price with the hopes of ending up somewhere in the middle of the two prices. If you are looking at a leather bag priced at 100 dirham – about $27 – offer 50 dirham in hopes of getting a final price around 75 dirham.

Be confident – Be strong in your offer and show you mean business. The owner will be more likely to take you seriously and bring down his price.

Be an actor – Haggling can be fun. Tut and shake your head over the high price, talk about other items you saw that you liked better, point out flaws in the item whether you see them or not. Act like you a serious customer who is ready to walk away from the item if not given a fair price.

Seek out competitors – Many vendors sell similar items and pitting competing business owners against each other can be useful in driving down prices. By looking around, you will also be able to find the cheapest initial offer and work from there.

Be willing to wait – Part of the act can be to walk away from an item and come back in a few minutes, a few hours or even the next day. You may risk losing your item, but you also show the vendors that you won’t give in to a high price.


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