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Haunted Places in New Jersey

by Audrey Lee

Oct 1, 2018

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Spanning more than 1 million acres and seven counties in New Jersey, the heavily forested Pine Barrens once thrived during the Colonial period but has since been desolate. Ghost towns of abandoned sawmills and paper mills were left behind, along with abandoned residences and the rumored Jersey Devil.

New Jersey is a state known for no left-hand turns, aggressive driving and the Jersey Devil, among other spooky, haunted places. This place is so strange a book called Weird New Jersey can be found in almost every gift shop in the Garden State. Here are a couple of places you can visit for a creepy thrill.

Gravity Hill in Hopewell

Located at the intersection of Pleasant Valley Road and Valley Road in Hopewell, a strange force pulls your car up the hill while in neutral. Scientists are unsure how this phenomenon occurs, but people have come up with urban legends about a farmer searching for his deceased wife making this an eerie spot to visit especially at night. This mysterious location may be hard to find for people who have never been there before as there are no signs indicating where it is.

The Hindenburg Hanger in Lakehurst

A tragic event occurred May 6, 1937, that ended as a fiery, chaotic disaster. The Hindenburg was a German airship that was the largest dirigible built at the time. It was carrying 97 passengers when it violently exploded. No one is sure how it happened, but there were 36 fatalities overall. The hanger, located on the Lakehurst Naval Base, is said to be haunted as they used the facility as a morgue for the victims following the explosion. People who have been in the building have reported feeling cold breezes and hearing footsteps up in the rafters.


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