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Madrid-Barajas International Airport

by Allie Moore

May 23, 2018

Madrid Barajas Airport, Spain © Iakov Filimonov | Dreamstime

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Comprised of four terminals, Madrid-Barajas Airport is not only Spain’s largest and busiest airport, but it is also Europe’s sixth-busiest airport with an average annual passenger count of more than 50 million, and the continent’s largest airport by physical size (tied with Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris). Its location just 8 miles from the center of Madrid makes it easy to access for visitors.

Terminals T1, T2 and T3 share a space, while Terminal T4 is located about three miles north of the main building. The two buildings are connected by Madrid’s number 8 Metro line, as well as a terminal-to-terminal shuttle bus. Within Terminal 4, an automatic people moves transports travelers between Terminal 4 and Terminal 4S, a satellite terminal that operates international flights outside of the Schengen zone. Terminals 1 through 3 operate domestic flights, flights within the Schengen zone and non-Schengen flights within Europe.

For passengers facing lengthy layovers, Madrid-Barajas offers Air Rooms in Terminal T4 where travelers can book sleeping spaces by the hour. Twenty-two private rooms feature a double bed or two single beds as well as a private bathroom with a shower, a minibar, television, WiFi and breakfast.

Travelers just passing through the airport have their pick of eight lounges, as well as some of Madrid’s most popular eateries like 100 Montaditos, Pans & Company, MasQMenos and Rodilla.


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