Music Releasing This Summer

by Nia Scott

Jul 10, 2019

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Summertime is a great time for blasting music and driving around with the windows down. Music takes an ordinary moment and turns it into a memorable experience. Sometimes just listening to certain songs brings people back to a happier and more free time. This summer, plenty of music is releasing and, by the end, most people will have a song they consider their summer anthem. Some of the most popular artists are gearing up to share new music with anticipating fans.


Toward the end of July, Sugar Ray will release a new album after a few years of not putting out new content. Many fans of the band feel their music is the sound of summer from their use of instruments. Many of Sugar Ray’s songs are used in summer films, reinforcing the idea. Hopefully, their new album, “Little Yachty,” is on the same level as previous albums.


Pop/country heavyweight Taylor Swift is back this summer with a new album and a new attitude. Her last album, “Reputation,” focused on the controversy surrounding her life. The music felt more like her trying to take aim at every bad thing said about her than producing catchy songs. This new album is a large step in the other direction and fans are hoping to see the Taylor Swift from previous albums. The album “Lover” will drop in late August.


Late in the summer, alternative rock favorite The Lumineers will release their new and third album, entitled “III,” and not much is known about it. However, many can’t wait for the new music to come out because, based on their past two albums, this one is going to be great.




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