Olukai Shoes

by Angelique Platas

Dec 26, 2016

Pipwai Trail, Hawai’i © Mike7777777 | Dreamstime

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Feel the wet sand on your bare feet with OluKai footwear, inspired by the Hawai’ian Islands’ heritage, natural lifestyle and beautiful environment. These quality shoes have sophisticated, laid-back designs that offer versatility and function.


Each Olukai shoe is named for the Polynesian culture they were inspired by, in an attempt to further spread the culture in some small way.


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Olukai offer designs with a drop-in heel transition from fall to summer, with a slip-on function offeringa unique, casual take on an everyday shoe. Designs range from vegan, premium leather and higher-end designs to Hawai’ian lifeguard-approved sneakers and flip-flops.


The range of shoe designs allows for anyone to live the Aloha lifestyle, part of Olukai’s mission statement in addition to providing a quality product.


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Each shoe comes with a year warranty and, in addition to being a B Certified Corporation, Olukai is committed to giving back through the Ama Olukai foundation and Conservation Alliance.


Olukai is much more than a footwear brand. Explore their events, partnerships, travel stories and more on their site.


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