Papirmass Art Subscription Box

by Katie Skrzek

Feb 19, 2019

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Build your art collection with Papirmass. The monthly art subscription box comes with original artwork, including illustrations, paintings and collages from emerging worldwide artists. The Toronto-based company was founded in 2008 by a husband and wife team.


Here’s how it works: Subscribe to Papirmiss and select your subscription option. Each month subscribers receive an art print, artist interview, mini print to share or keep, an inspiring quote and a creative activity. Packages are shipped in sturdy envelopes to protect against bends and bad weather. Browse past prints to see what you can expect in your shipment. Papirmass worked with more than 100 artists to send more than 100,000 prints to subscribers.


Two subscription options are available. A three-month subscription costs $16 per month, is billed quarterly and can be canceled at any time. Opt for the yearly subscription offer, which costs $12 per month, includes free shipping and is billed once yearly. Papirmass is available as a gift. Order the one-year package or a mini gift of six packages at $16 each. This option includes a free greeting card and free global shipping.


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