Partying Safely in Rio

by Benjamin Kerns

Apr 12, 2019

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil © Paura | Dreamstime

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Rio de Janeiro is not only party central in Brazil, but it’s arguably the hottest place to cut loose in all of South America. However, the party atmosphere also obscures the fact the city has a reputation for not exactly being safe. Once night falls, there are some places in Rio you just don’t go.


Look Like a Local

The quickest way to get robbed in Rio is to advertise you’re from out of town. Hawaiian shirts, cutoffs and clothes emblazoned with an American flag will help you stand out in all the wrong ways. Instead, avoid beachwear and stick to denim and sneakers like the locals.


Leave Electronics at Home

You can avoid becoming a target by removing anything of value to rob. Leave your expensive phones at home and avoid designer clothing while out partying. You can look nice without looking expensive.


Drink Responsibly

Rio is not the kind of city where you want to get hammered far from your hotel. Stick to bars close to where you’re sleeping or at least make sure one person in your party is sober.


Take a Cab

Always take a cab to get home. Walking is particularly dangerous at night in many areas of Rio, so call a taxi to get back to your hotel. If for some reason you can’t catch a ride, never walk alone.


Be Wary of Strangers

Plenty of thieves and criminals in Rio like to hang out in bars to scope out targets. Do yourself a favor and avoid hooking up with locals you met at the club. The danger of them wanting more than a fun time is too great.



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