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Secret Compass Tours

by Nia Scott

Nov 8, 2018

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In this emerging world of travel, there is more competition among tour companies to offer the best tours at affordable prices. It’s difficult for companies to compete, so many rely on good reviews as well as offerings and price. Some tour companies

work to focus on the niche groups that make up the travel industry, one of them being authentic trips. People want to travel to a country and get to experience the country as locals do. They also want to go to the less-explored and less-populated destinations. This desire comes from travelers feeling like they want to travel a path less traveled and be more of a pioneer than a follower.


Secret Compass is a tour group that caters to these travelers. For many, it’s too difficult to imagine traveling to the destinations themselves — or even planning the trip themselves. It takes a lot to reach the extreme and remote locations Secret Compass is adept at accessing.


The tour company is a leader in taking travelers to harder-to-reach areas of the world and giving them the adventure of a lifetime. Some of the trips included the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burma and Myanmar, Darien Gap in Panama, Kurdistan and many other unusual destinations.




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