Songs to Listen to Before You Go to Sweden

by Edward Mack

May 5, 2015

Old Town Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden © Scanrail | Dreamstime


Odds are you didn’t realize Sweden is so musically pervasive. Case in point: In May 2012, half of the top 10 songs on Billboard’s Top 100 were written or produced by Swedes. You probably knew Abba was Swedish, and maybe Rednex (remember Cotton-eyed Joe?”). And if you are a little bit more of a music buff you’ll know that Avicii, Ace of Base, the Cardigans, Eric Prydz, the Hives, Robyn, Icona Pop … the list goes on … are all Swedish. And, of course, Swedish House Mafia.

Here are five songs by Swedes to get you in a Scandinavian mood.


Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede

Ooga-chaka, ooga-ooga, ooga-chaka. ‘Nuff said.


Push Play by Miriam Bryant

Hop on the Gothenburg-born Miriam Bryant train now, ‘cause she is on her way up.


Emmylou by First Aid Kit

If you like your Swedish groups alt-country, First Aid Kit is for you. The sisters’ song is a nostalgic, lovesick track with a number of references to country music legends. Oh, and a touch of Stockholm.


Never Gonna Love Again by Lykki Li

The latest single from Lykki Li is a haunting indie-pop song that will leave you longing from the rainy streets of Stockholm.


Monkey Boogie by Millencolin

No Swedish playlist without this ska-punk band from the ‘90s would be complete. If you have ever touched a skateboard in your life, you probably already know Millencolin. If not, this energetic track will have you bouncing along as you step off the plane ready to explore Sweden.



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