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Spartan Races

by Samantha DiMauro

Dec 26, 2014

© Tracy King | Dreamstime


Are you ready to be the most badass version of yourself? Spartan Races are epic obstacle courses filled with mud and water, walls and buffers that test you to reach your limits and leave them far behind.


The races began in the backwoods of Vermont, and have since expanded to all over the United States. Now Spartans drag tires through dry deserts in Sacramento, climb rocky ledges in Dallas and dodge barriers in world-class arenas. Participants have leapt over fire pits, helped each other out of mud-filled trenches and walked away tired and dirty, wearing a medal of accomplishment and honor. Go here to see the list of races in 2015 and sign up to join or receive more information.


If you’re not a to-level athlete at your prime, not to worry. Spartan Races offer free, guided workouts and nutrition tips to help you get in the best shape to take on the race. The Workout Tour is led by official Spartan SGX coaches, and takes place in major cities around the country, from Seattle to Las Vegas to Boise, Ind. Check out the schedule to see when it’s coming to a city near you this winter, so you’re ready to trudge through the mud pit come spring.



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