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Top Wellness Trends for 2018

by Holly Riddle

Jan 1, 2018

Kombucha © Boyarkinamarina | Dreamstime

Trends / Health & Wellness

What kind of trends can you keep an eye out for in 2018, and which will stick around? Here are just a few gaining traction.


A frequent buzzword around the internet and social media recently is “self-care.” If you’ve been in the dark, it’s the simple idea that, in order to get anything done or help anyone in today’s world, you have to take care of yourself first. Whether it’s just taking a breather at the end of each day, or carving out a few hours each week to focus on your own needs and wants, self-care is a staple in the mental and physical health routines of many.

Kombucha Craze

Kombucha, once reserved for yogis, fitness nuts and otherwise “crunchy” people, is becoming more mainstream, while also becoming more like a craft beer in a way. While craft beer enthusiasts find the latest and greatest small batches of their favorite brews, more of us are doing the same with kombucha and more local makers are stepping up to the plate and selling their own.

All Natural, All the Time

Natural skincare and beauty products are becoming more mainstream as well, and, following the trend, all-natural beauty products not only feed your skin, but they’re becoming better at what they do, providing more coverage and color without sacrificing your skin’s health.

Sleep is a Thing

Sleeping is a real concern for many Americans, and the market is taking notice, providing us with more and more ways to “revolutionize” the way we sleep with fancy new products. Whether it’s a new mattress, sheets, lighting, supplements or sound machines, getting high-quality sleep is a big priority.

Breathwork, Mindfulness and Meditation

With stress and anxiety more prevalent among millennials, breath work, mindfulness and meditation are all sought as ways to alleviate these mental health maladies. Don’t be surprised to hear more of your friends investing in mindfulness apps, meditation classes and more.


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