Under $100: Cali, Colombia

by Benjamin Kerns

Feb 23, 2019

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Under $100 / South America

The Colombian city of Cali is most famous for its citizens’ love of salsa. While you’ll find no shortage of nightlife and places to dance, the city also boasts an impressive variety of colorful markets, excellent restaurants and stunning colonial architecture.


Begin the day with a quick bite at your hotel to save a little cash. Then head out to the “Cristo Rey.” The statue is a bit smaller than Rio’s Christ the Redeemer, but the towering sculpture sits atop a hill that overlooks the city and offers wonderful views. Grabbing a taxi to reach it will run you $10.


Next, head back in town toward the Galería Alameda. This vibrant and exotic market houses a wide array of fresh fruit and crafts, but the most delicious item for sale is the ceviche. Set aside $20 for snacks.


After you’ve filled your bags seek out Gato de Tejada. This quirky park features a giant cat sculpture created by Colombian artist Hernando Tejada. After his death, locals decided to pay tribute by erecting 15 more.


For lunch head over to Ringlete, which features a huge menu of traditional Colombian food with many options less than $10.


The afternoon is a good time to take in some of Cali’s many national monuments. You’ll find many of these in and around Plaza de Cayzedo, the city’s main plaza. The Edificio Otero, Palacio Nacional and the San Pedro Cathedral are all nearby.


Next, seek out San Antonio, Cali’s bohemian neighborhood. Here you’ll find a wealth of art galleries and shops to explore while mingling with the locals. Set aside $20 for souvenirs.


Head over to Waunana Restaurante for some contemporary Colombian food. Expect to drop another $20. Finally, you can’t visit Cali without trying out a little salsa dancing, so make your way over to Zaperoco Bar and bust a move.




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