Winter Hiking

by Erich Martin

Mar 3, 2019

© Pojoslaw | Dreamstime

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The winter tends to make many outdoor activities more difficult, if not outright impossible.


Hiking is an outdoor activity that thrives with moderate temperatures. It is much more comfortable to hike when you can relax and not worry about dressing for the cold, but winter hiking offers views and experiences you might not normally get to experience.


First off, make sure you have the appropriate clothing. Layer properly with at least three distinct and warm layers and a thick winter coat on the outside. Wear gloves, a warm hat and a scarf to avoid heat loss through your head and extremities. Perhaps more important is a sturdy pair of winter boots with heat-retaining socks to ensure your feet remain insulated and operational.


Any hiker will tell you to time your hike with the sun. In the summer, morning and evening hikes are preferable. In the winter, the sun will be your best friend, and hiking when the sun is at its peak will help you stay warm.


Aside from layering, dressing warm and hiking with the sun, normal hiking advice applies in the winter. Bring lots of water and snacks to keep energized, especially during long hikes. Keep moving with trail mix and other small snacks you can eat while maintaining momentum.


If you persevere and push through, you will be rewarded with stellar views and serene views of nature.


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