New Scanners Could Let You Keep Laptops, Liquids in Bags

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Getting through airport security might soon become easier. New scanners that may allow passengers — not just those with TSA PreCheck — to leave liquids and laptops in bags, could soon be coming online.

A new computed tomography scanner technology for airport security has been given the green light by Transportation Security Administration certification in the United States. The scanners, which use 3D imaging and touch displays for a 360-degree view of bags and their contents, needs more testing but is one step closer to becoming a reality around the country.

The new scanners would move lines faster as travelers would no longer need to remove electronics and liquids and place them in separate bins. The company behind the scanners, Analogic, says the product is the result of 10 years of research and development.

“With record-breaking air travel numbers and new threats to the public, it is ever more important to deploy cutting-edge technology that can evolve with the security landscape,” said Jim Ryan, senior vice president, Analogic, said in a statement.

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