Rickshaw Run Through India

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If you’re a fan of crazy, dangerous events you’d never admit attending to your mother, look no further than the annual Rickshaw Run, a daring race across one end of India to the other.

This wonky event involves roughly 30 teams partaking in a weeks-long race through India in homemade rickshaws, or shoddily made tuk-tuks, to see who can luck out the most. They’ll bound over pothole-lined backgrounds, five lane highways and a myriad of broken-down vehicles in order to claim the championship. Since tuk-tuks break down at the drop of a hat, team members have to be prepared to put in plenty of manual labor along the way.

It’s a silly, kind of insane, way to see a good portion of India in one trip. It’s also for charity. The team that can evade bandits, navigate winding streets and hopefully have enough duct tape on hand will win bragging rights. We’re not sure it’s much of a spectator sport, but if you think you and your friends have what it takes to come out on top there’s no reason not to sign up.

It’s not safe, but it’s certainly a ride you won’t ever forget.

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