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A Taste of Italy With Tuscanini

by Brandon Schultz

Jun 14, 2019

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Products / Food/Drink

If there’s one thing almost all food lovers can agree on, it’s Italian cuisine is one of the most coveted in the world and, if you don’t have an Italian grandmother (yours or otherwise) in your neighborhood, it’s nearly impossible to experience that authentic Italian taste outside of the country itself. Tuscanini Foods, until recently focused solely on gourmet home pizzas, just unveiled a new line of imported ingredients that will take your pasta nights from lazy plan B to coveted plan A.


Tuscanini’s products are all natural, certified Kosher and currently rolling out in grocery stores nationwide, bringing Tuscany to your table without having to cross the Atlantic yourself. The new line includes balsamic vinegar and balsamic vinegar glaze from Modena (one of only two places where true balsamic is produced), organic lemon and blood orange sparkling beverages, apple cider vinegar from the Dolomites and tomato paste, but the heroes of your homemade masterpiece will be Tuscanini’s premium pastas and sauces.


Tuscanini pasta shapes include gigli (ruffle-edged cones), pennoni (a somewhat more substantial version of penne), trottole (“spinning top”), tricolor conchiglie (seashells) and tricolor fusilli (corkscrews). The bronze-cut pastas have a porous texture to absorb and showcase your sauce or gravy just like the homemade pastas of every nonna in Italy. Each jar of Tuscanini sauce contains 40 vine-ripened tomatoes from the Parma region of Italy, and the line is launching with four flavors that include traditional pizza sauce, Napoletana, classic marinara and zesty marinara.


For a fully realized Italian experience at home, combine one of Tuscanini’s new pastas with any of the sauces and serve alongside a green salad drizzled with balsamic glaze. Enjoy Tuscanini’s sparkling sodas, and the only thing left for you to find on your own is the wine!



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