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ACE Hotel Pittsburgh

by Benjamin Kerns

Aug 16, 2019

Grand Concourse Restaurant, Station Square, Pittsburgh © Timothy James | Dreamstime

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The ACE Hotel in Pittsburgh opened in 2015 and has steadily gained in popularity thanks to its modern décor combined with stunning 20th-century architecture. Located in the East Liberty area, the hotel is a mere mile or two from some of the city’s top destinations.


The rooms here are bright, though not exceptionally large, and furnished in a minimalist design. The suites are decked out with freestanding tubs and seating areas, and even an acoustic guitar to play around with. Just try not to disturb your neighbors. On site, you’ll also find a tavern-style restaurant that serves decent food, an additional bar in the lobby and even a coffee shop. They also have a record player in the lobby and vinyls for guests to choose from, which was a fun touch.


To be honest, the ACE Hotel offers a vibe that might not be for everyone. While I could appreciate the quirky touches, it’s clearly focused on catering to a younger, hipster clientele. At first glance, it kind of felt like a hostel with the abundance of activities happening in the lobby late into the evening. However, it did offer a comfy place to stay with darkening shades on the blinds to help stave off the sun.


I would probably stay at the ACE Hotel on a return visit to Pittsburgh, since the price is definitely right, but if you’re worried about noise and have a tough time getting to sleep, you might look elsewhere.




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