Adventure Cruises for the Modern Explorer

by Matt Berry

Sep 19, 2014

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The idea of cruises sometimes produces images of sun-soaked lounging, immodest retirees and questionable buffets. Adrift at sea on a pre-planned adventure, you’re only buoying decision is another Mai Tai or going to sleep. For some, the image sounds serene. However, for serious adventure seekers, the idea of putting an adventure in cruise control is boring.

In recent years, cruise line have begun to cater to the adventure-seeker who prefers an Odysseus-like adventure on the high seas rather than a relaxing snooze-cruise.


The Polar Opposite

With breaching humpback whales, majestic scenery and seldom-trekked landscapes, Antarctica is an increasingly popular cruise destination. Cruise-goers can kayak next to elephant seals or brave a polar bear dip in the Southern Ocean. Not for the faint of heart, Antarctica cruises do often include rough sea and non-traditional port-of-calls, and itineraries range from soft adventure to hardcore. However, if you can brave it, you’ll be only one of about 20,000 annual adventure-seekers who go on an Antarctica cruise. Abercrombie & Kent is one of a few cruise liners to offer multiple itinerary options for Antarctica expedition adventures.


Viking Life

The Baltic region is steeped in mystery and lore. From the exquisite Nordic fjords to majestic Scandinavian coastlines, Baltic cruises lead thrill-finders through storied waterways navigated by the most adventurous sailors in history, the Vikings. Cruise-goers can explore untouched lands around remote port-of-calls or brave the region’s famous whitewater glacial rapids. Find the right cruise itinerary for your heart-pumping adventure and try a few akvavits in an authentic feasting hall to calm your inner Viking.


Sails of Odysseus

Historic, scenic and activity-filled, Mediterranean cruises offer an all-encompassing adventure for the senses. While Poseidon directs you into the fabled waters of the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea, cruise-goers enjoy ouzo-filled nights and delectable Mediterranean cuisine. For adrenaline-seekers, cruises also facilitate Greek island adventures, which may include spear fishing or cliff diving. For the modern Odysseus, Mediterranean cruises may be the lotus flower of adventure. Like the other before-mentioned cruises, it is also far from deck-side lounging.



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