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Baked & Wired

by Bridey Heing

Feb 25, 2015

Chocolate Cupcake at Baked & Wired in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. © m01229 | Flickr


Cupcakes are serious business in the Georgetown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. There are multiple shops offering the sweet treats and lines around the block aren’t rare. But for the best of the best, head to Baked & Wired, an off-the-beaten-path local spot.


Baked & Wired Bakery in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. © Apium | Flickr

© Apium | Flickr


Baked & Wired, located just off central M Street, offers a wide range of cupcake flavors, including Funfetti and rich chocolate hazelnut. Also on offer are cookies, cookie sandwiches and various sweet treats. Separated by a wall, a small coffee shop also delivers made-to-order drinks, including seasonal specials and house-made iced teas.


Vanilla Cupcake at Baked & Wired in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. © Allison | Flickr

Vanilla Cupcake © Allison | Flickr


The cupcakes and cookies at Baked & Wired are huge, giving you substantial bang for your cupcake buck. The baked goods are delicious, perfectly balancing the cake to frosting ratio. Cupcakes not your thing? Then opt for a cookie-sandwich, featuring rich frosting or ice cream centers. The gingersnap-lemon buttercream cookie is refreshing and zesty without being too sweet.


Baked & Wired Bakery in Georgetown, Washington, D.C. © Rachel Kramer Bussel | Flickr

© Rachel Kramer Bussel | Flickr


The location is also perfect, just off the bustling M Street and bordered by the historic canal. Just a short walk away is the riverfront, with plenty of places to enjoy your sweets and do some people watching. Or stick around and sit at the shop itself. Seating may be limited, but the no-frills, artsy decor is perfect for digging into your cupcake.



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