Castles Reservations Increase for 2019

by Allie Moore

Feb 2, 2019

© Josemaria Toscano | Dreamstime
Once home to kings, queens and royal families, castles around the world are being restored and transformed into accommodation options for those looking for an extraordinary travel experience. Step back in time, and take in the luxury and grandeur at these stunning castle hotels.

Trends / Top Trends

As far as unique lodging options are concerned, home-sharing sites like Airbnb and Homeaway offer the gamut of creative and alternative accommodations. According to a recent revelation from Homeaway concerning their properties and already-made reservations for 2019, one major trend that will see an increase this year involves staying in castles for a royalty-inspired getaway.


Per Homeaway, bookings in castles for the 2019 travel year increased by 55 percent. While shacking up in castle may seem like an extravagant vacation option, the properties available on Homeaway are surprisingly affordable, but particularly if you’re traveling with a larger group.


When renting all the rooms in such a massive space, some of Homeaway’s castles can be rented for as low as $40 per person, per night. Groups are booking castles for family reunions, weddings and other events for which a higher number of people means a lower cost.


Homeaway’s castles vary in size and can sleep from six to 20 people, and those available are not only located in faraway lands like France and Germany; Homeaway lists estates as close as New Hampshire.


While hosting weddings at castles is nothing new, actually staying and sleeping at the castle is typically not part of the deal, but is now an option that can make your social media followers seethe with travel envy.


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