Cheap Accommodations in Belfast

by Jack Guy

Feb 17, 2019

Belfast City Hall, Antrim, Northern Ireland © Michael Walsh | Dreamstime

Tips / Destination

Heading to Belfast on a budget? Book a stay at one of these hostels.

Global Village is a firm backpacker favorite and is often voted the best hostel in the city for its cheap beds and lovely outdoor terrace. It’s good for sociable single travelers who want to meet new friends.

Party animals will enjoy Arnies Backpackers, where there is no curfew. This is a sociable place, too, so you’ll soon feel right at home.

For a modern interior vibe, check out Belfast International Youth Hostel. It’s consistently among the cheapest places to lay your head in the city, and there is 24-hour security for a safe stay.

Those who would like a private room should check out Farset International, which has some of the best deals for when you want a bit of privacy. It’s set in private grounds, too, which makes for more of a hotel feel.

If you want to cook your own food, Belfast City Backpacker is a top choice. There are self-catering facilities here, so you can knock up a meal and save on eating out. There is also a top-quality free breakfast and comfy beds in all of the dorms.



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Mar 20, 2019


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