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Concert Photography Tips for Your Smartphone

by Akhil Kalepu

Nov 5, 2016

© Christian Bertrand | Dreamstime

Tips / Travel

Cellphone cameras at concerts are a contentious issue. Everyone wants at least one post to Snapchat but no one wants to be stuck behind a field of glowing screens. Be sure to follow these tips to make the most of your shots without annoying anyone else.


Move Around

Even professional photographers know the value of this. Walk around the venue to get different angles in addition to those close-up shots.


Don’t Use Zoom

Unless you’re on the new iPhone or want a blurry vibe in the photo, don’t bother with a digital zoom. It’s just going to pixelate the shot because the camera isn’t actually zooming in on anything, it’s just cropping the shot.


Compose The Shot

Being on a smartphone, it’s a habit to just whip it out and snap. Focusing on the composition of the image will do wonders for the final result. Be sure to use the Rule of Thirds grid and wait for the lights to be in the right spot before pressing down. You can also try using burst mode to get several shots in succession and pick the best one.


No Flash

It is dark and there are lights flying around everywhere, but don’t use flash to fill in the space. It’s annoying for the people on stage (who also ban flash for the professionals) and it probably won’t look good anyway.


Accessorize With a Lens Attachment

There are an increasing number of attachable lenses being made for smartphones, giving you the ability to zoom in from afar or create mind-bending panoramas. Purchasing one of these will be the best thing you can do to expand your camera’s range.


Find Other Subjects

The band is the main draw, but to get the atmosphere of the concert be sure to snap some shots of the crowd, people at the bar, maybe even the roadies or bouncers.



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