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Activities for Earth Day 2016

by Angelique Platas

Apr 2, 2016

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Earth Day is a great opportunity to get your hands dirty and appreciate the great outdoors. Planting a tree is a timeless way to celebrate Earth Day because it is easy and effective, but there are so many other ways to get in the spirit.


Depending on the weather, it may still be a little too early to garden, but it is a great time to start planting indoors. Herbs and small, potted plants are an easy way to start, especially for those not yet in tune with their green thumbs. Herbs and small, potted plants, like aloe, look nice and help circulate oxygen and reduce toxins in the air.


Spring cleaning never sounds fun, but when there is a chance to make some money, the prospect gets a lot more interesting. Take a look through your closet and rooms for recyclables and consignment options.


Most of us have more material items stored than we will ever need, so consigning, donating or selling at a yard sale is a great way to recycle your belongings without throwing them away into a landfill. You will love the refreshed room, extra cash and overall great feeling of letting go.


Try going car-less for the day. Walk or bike to some of the easily accessible places you need to go or just make a point to break out the bicycle. Not only is it great exercise and cheaper in terms of gas money, but it is the greenest thing you will do all day.



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