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Hiking in Sicily

by Jack Guy

Aug 13, 2019

© Alfio Roberto Silvestro | Dreamstime

Trends / Adventure

There is plenty to explore in Sicily if you look beyond the beaches and the amazing food. For a more active trip, check out these hiking trails.

Head to the island of Stromboli in the Aeolian archipelago and you can climb the only continuously active volcano in Europe. The guided hike takes around two hours and you will need sturdy shoes and a headlamp.

Another volcano lies on Sicily itself, down in the southeast corner. Mount Etna is nearly 11,000 feet tall, and there are around 20 different trails of varying difficulty to explore.

The Vendicari Reserve is a nature park in the southeast of the island. There are three hiking trails snaking through the park, taking in archaeological sites, beaches and unspoiled nature.

Cefalu is a beach town known for its great nightlife, but there is also a lovely hike to the top of La Rocca hill. From here you can look down over the town and out to sea. It should take you around an hour to get to the top.

Around an hour west of Palermo lies the Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro, the first nature reserve in Sicily when it was established in 1986. There is a great five-hour hike that loops around beaches and bluffs along a truly amazing shoreline.



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