Most Magnificent Castle Hotels

by Nicole Quasté

Oct 16, 2017
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  • © Josemaria Toscano | Dreamstime
    Once home to kings, queens and royal families, castles around the world are being restored and transformed into accommodation options for those looking for an extraordinary travel experience. Step back in time, and take in the luxury and grandeur at these stunning castle hotels.
  • © Patryk Kosmider | Dreamstime
    With towering turrets, ramparts, armor, Waterford chandeliers and Rococo mirrors, Ashford Castle in Ireland perfectly maintains its original splendor. The castle, first built in 1228, was home to the famous Guinness family. Today it offers 83 well-appointed rooms, a spa and 345 acres of wooded parkland.
  • © Neil Wraight | Dreamstime
    Hidden away for 900 years near the picturesque village of Amberley in the South Downs countryside of West Sussex, England, is Amberley Castle. With towering 60-foot walls, expansive gardens and perfectly preserved medieval architecture, it’s easy to lose yourself in the history of this hotel.
  • © Juergen Schonnop | Dreamstime
    Head to Maybole, Scotland, where you’ll find a seaside castle clinging to a cliff in the expansive countryside. From a lone central tower built in the 1500s by the Kennedy family to the 600-acre estate it is today, Culzean Castle boasts a long history, palpable to hotel guests.
  • © Philippehalle | Dreamstime
    Located at the bend of the Rhine where Switzerland, Germany and France converge, is the awe-inspiring, 7th-century Alsatian Château d’Isenbourg. The castle boasts elaborate Rococo-style rooms, a Turkish bath and a 12th-century wine cellar. Guests can enjoy sweeping views of the river, the Black Forest and the medieval city of Rouffach.
  • © Jennifer Barrow | Dreamstime
    Situated on the edge of England’s beautiful Cotswolds region is Thornbury Castle, the only castle hotel once owned by the Tudor Dynasty, which ruled the United Kingdom, Ireland and France 1485–1603. Fun fact: King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn once stayed in the castle.
  • © Mazzel1986 | Dreamstime
    Germany’s medieval Burg Altena became the first Youth Hostel Association hotel in the world in 1914, paving the way for Europe’s modern hotel system. The grand castle was built into Klusenberg hill overlooking the Lenne River in the 12th century, and today you can stay in the hostel for around €30.
  • © Juergen Schonnop | Dreamstime
    The 15-room Castello Vicchiomaggio is the perfect place for visitors seeking a peaceful escape in the picturesque Tuscan countryside. The 15th-century castle once hosted the likes of Leonardo da Vinci and poet Francesco Redi, and today it offers bespoke guestrooms; an on-site wine cellar and tasting room; and an outdoor infinity pool offering views of Tuscany’s rolling hills.
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