Observing Gorillas in the Wild

by Erich Martin

Jun 6, 2019

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One of my favorite travel activities is seeing wild animals in their natural habitat. In order to see gorillas living their best life, you’re going to need to book a trip to Africa.


The first thing to consider when you decide you want to visit the gorillas is which species you would like to see. Mountain Gorillas live in central Africa on the volcanic mountains of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Lowland Gorillas live in the forests of central and western Africa.


Like many specific trip goals, tours and excursions specifically for gorilla observation are plentiful with a quick Google search. Wild Planet Adventures specifically has a few trips encouraging observation of gorillas and other rare animals in Africa.


If you are having trouble coming up with a tour to take, first decide which country you would like to visit, and go from there. Rwanda, Uganda and Congo all have excellent opportunities to view gorillas in specially maintained national parks and reserves.


The good thing about paying to visit gorillas at these reserves and sanctuaries is the money you contribute to continued conservation. Especially in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, about 10 percent of tourist revenue goes toward maintaining the remaining gorilla population.


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