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Pizzeria Beddia Review

by Katie Skrzek

Aug 6, 2021

Photo by Katie Skrzek


In 2015, Bon Appétit named Pizzeria Beddia the best pizza in America. Originally a take-out-only shop, the current location opened in Philadelphia’s Fishtown neighborhood in March 2019. Curious to experience the hype, my husband and I recently had dinner at the restaurant with another couple.


We arrived in time for our reservation and were seated immediately. The dining room is bright and modern, with a variety of seating. Much like the minimalist design, the menu is sparse. There are eight small plate options, five pizzas and one dessert. We ordered a bottle of Lambrusco to start while we looked over the menu.


We brought our appetites, and decided to split four small plates and three pizzas. For the small plates, we chose the boquerones, Judion beans, chorizo, and roasted vegetables with Caesar dressing and breadcrumbs. Our pizza selections were a plain pie with pepperoni and roasted onion, a white pie with greens and Calabrian chili cream, and the popular seasonal corn pie with tomato and basil.



Photo by Katie Skrzek


The small plates arrived first, with a beautiful, simple preparation. The beans in oil were rich, buttery and salty. The roasted vegetables were the standout. The assortment of vegetables was topped with a creamy Caesar dressing and crisp breadcrumbs. We all used our bread to enjoy every last bit of the dressing.


The pizza arrived in perfect timing as we were finished with our small plates. The pepperoni pie was everything you want from a classic pepperoni pizza: crisp, spicy pepperoni and rich, salty cheese. The greens pizza had a subtle kick, though it was my least favorite of the three. The hands-down favorite was the corn pizza. I was slightly skeptical of corn on pizza, but the flavor combination with marinated tomatoes, basil vinaigrette, roasted corn and sweet corn cream was perfection. There was enough left over for each couple to bring a few slices home. We all decided to end the meal with sweet cream soft serve for dessert.


While I cannot definitively say this was the best pizza in America, I feel confident recommending Pizzeria Beddia to locals and tourists looking for a stellar slice with excellent service.


Pizzeria Beddia

1313 N. Lee St.

Philadelphia, PA 19125

tel 267 928 2256


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