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The Godfrey Hotel, Chicago

Jan 29, 2019

© Andrey Bayda | Dreamstime
Start your Magnificent Mile shopping spree in Chicago at one end of North Michigan Avenue, working your way through high-end designer shops, quirky boutiques and cultural favorites like Logan Hardware vinyl shop and Seek Vintage.


Located in the River North neighborhood, the Godfrey Hotel, Chicago boasts a cubist-style facade that promises guests a modern and contemporary experience before they even walk in the door.


The sparsely decorated, small lobby features a few couches and the clientele is a mix of hotel guests and those headed up to IO Urban Roofscape, the fourth-floor restaurant and lounge where you may spot a B-list celebrity, but most likely, you’ll just hear the bumping music reverberating throughout the elevator shaft during the evening. After a certain hour, you are required to show your room key to a bouncer-type individual to access the elevators — understandable, but an annoyance.


My guestroom was spacious, with a sleek, contemporary style that matched the exterior of the building. The color palette seemed to follow a trend of moody grays, purples and blacks. After the large bathroom with a spacious vanity and shower stall, there was a wet bar as soon as I entered the room. Aside from the queen-sized bed, there was an armchair, leather bench and work space. Heavy drapes covered two windows overlooking the street below. While the decor was stylish, it was beginning to show its age, with little nicks in the paint on the furniture and picked threads showing on lamp shades and cushions.


Brunch is served seven days a week in the stylish and spacious Brunch Room, 7 a.m.–2 p.m., including bottomless drinks for $14. While I was tempted to give it a try, I never saw another guest dining there, which made me question the value, and, when in a city like Chicago, where fantastic dining is aplenty, there’s no reason to take a risky chance on the potentially mediocre.


All in all, The Godfrey Hotel, Chicago’s primary draw seems to be its lounge, which suits a specific clientele. If you’re young and have a party in mind when you’re staying in the area and you don’t mind sacrificing some of the finer details of a hotel stay, you’d likely find it suitable. If, however, you’re looking for new luxury in River North, you’d best look elsewhere.

The Godfrey Hotel Chicago
​127 West Huron at LaSalle, Chicago, IL 60654
Main Line 312 649 2000


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