Transforma X Self-Cleaning Bag

by Jack Guy

Dec 6, 2018

Sebago Lake © Joseph Skolnik | Dreamstime

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Take one look at this new bag and you’ll be impressed by the sleek design, but can it live up to its lofty features list?

Most travel bags follow the same basic concept. After all, what can designers really do that hasn’t been tried before? Well, how about making a bag that will clean anything you put in it.

The Transforma X boasts activated ozone that will break down bacteria and fungi, as well as UV-C light that will kill the things that make your clothes and shoes smell. Simply chuck everything into the cleaning compartments then switch on the UV-O3 purification device. After a while you can open it up to find fresh shoes, gym gear or whatever else you are carrying.

The bag also boasts a huge number of different pockets for items of all sizes, as well as adjustable padded back straps. Plus, it can charge your electronics thanks to a removable solar battery pack.

If you are on longer trips where laundry will be hard to do or you often do exercise before a full day at the office, the Transforma X could be a good addition to your luggage.

The bag will retail for $299 after a successful Kickstarter campaign.


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