Travel Products That Are Actually Worthless

by Benjamin Kerns

Sep 6, 2015

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Every travel website you go to these days seems to be pitching some of the endless array of hot, new travel products available this year. The truth is, most of these things are garbage and have no real purpose other than to steal your hard-earned cash. Here are a few things that sound wonderful, but really aren’t necessary.


The Travel Tripod

Professional photographers won’t go anywhere near these things. They’re cheaply made, rarely hold up your camera in the right position and cost more than they’re worth. Instead, mount your camera on a solid railing or rock.


The Money Belt

You’re not fooling anyone. These things, usually only comfortable enough to be worn outside your clothes, are easy to spot and only serve to tell everyone in a 20-mile radius you’re a tourist. Stick with your wallet, or place money in your shoe.


The Travel Towel

They’re often labeled as “quick dry” but rarely ever live up to this credo. Instead, they get your clothes wet, never seem to get you quite dry and turn ratty after just a couple of uses. Stick with the hotel towel next time you want to hit the pool.


Passport Cover

You can’t have your passport in a cover when you’re going through lines at the airport, and you really shouldn’t be carrying it with you while you’re exploring foreign countries. What’s the point in having it? Keep your passport safely locked in a drawer somewhere where it won’t get damaged, instead.



You don’t need a book to tell you all of the exciting places to see or things to do in a new area — just talk to the locals. You’ll get better insights and meet interesting new people in your travels. Or, you know, you could just use your phone.



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