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by Kristy Alpert

Oct 6, 2014

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Although Economy Class Syndrome might sound like a seating arrangement issue, chances are you’ve probably experienced this phenomenon if you’ve spent any time on an airplane in any seating category. The clinical name for this syndrome is Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), blood clots that may be potentially fatal, and it’s an extreme condition that results from swollen feet and legs.


More than 10 percent of all air travelers experience swollen feet and legs during long flights due to the low cabin pressure and dry air circulation in the airplane that causes poor blood circulation. While tons of tricks claim to help combat the swell (walking around, avoiding alcohol, etc.), there’s one sure fire way to keep the pressure off your feet.


TravelSox are a line of gradual compression socks that help stimulate blood flow and reduce swelling. They were designed for travelers in collaboration with a medical team, and are great for reducing swelling and making long flights just a bit more comfortable. The CoolMax fibers used to make these socks work to keep feet dry all day long, but they’re also great to throw in an overnight bag to slip on as soon as you settle in your seat before takeoff. They’re available in multiple colors and styles, and both the airline medical directors and aerospace medical associations embrace these socks and recommend choosing the smaller size if your shoe size falls between sizes. Learn more at TravelSox.com and Amazon.



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Tips / Safety
Feb 24, 2020

What Makes a City Among the Safest in the World?

While the question of a location’s safety is often subjective depending on an individual’s travel experience and overall life experience, there are some measurable factors that can indicate whether a city is a safe destination for foreigners. Last summer, the Economist Intelligence Unit issued its 2019 Safe Cities Index, a ranking of 60 urban settings around the world based on various aspects of security, such as digital, personal and infrastructure.

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Feb 24, 2020

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Feb 24, 2020

Review: The Rowan Palm Springs

Set one foot inside Kimpton's Palm Springs property, The Rowan, and you will immediately understand why it is such a popular addition to the Kimpton brand. Designed with a sleek, modern style synonymous with Kimpton, the interior is at once inviting and relaxing.

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