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Trekking Through Salta

by Benjamin Kerns

Oct 23, 2019

Catedral de Salta, Argentina © Conejota | Dreamstime

Destinations / Latin America

Patagonia often steals the spotlight when it comes to great hikes in Argentina, but nearby Salta rivals the famous trek in beauty and adventure. Brilliant peaks, stunning Inca trails and incredible cultural experiences surround the northwestern colonial town and make it a must-see destination.


The first stop on your trip should be the Hill of Seven Colors, or Cerro de Siete Colores. The geographical marvel is located in the town of Pumamarca and consists of a towering mountain comprised of seven different hues. The hike around the perimeter of the mass takes roughly 90 minutes. You’ll also want to explore the Cascada de la Garganta Del Diablo near Tilcara, a fierce waterfall in the arid desert surrounded by vibrant colors. It’s an anomaly in the region and a favorite among tourists.


Many of the tours of the region stop at Sillón del Inca, the ruins of a complex that once belonged to the Inca Empire. But the real draw of Salta might be the Yunga region. The Yunga forests offer breathtaking scenery in the Andes Mountains and plenty of opportunities to get up close to Andean condors and other rare species. Salta is often considered a cloud trek due to the reach of the mountains in the area, and El Gólgota is one of the region’s top peaks, offering views from above the clouds on a good day.


While Salta might not offer as many snow-capped peaks as Patagonia, it’s the perfect place for anyone looking to explore a less-visited region of Argentina with some truly incredible views.



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