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New Virtuoso Study Shows How Gen X Fuels Wellness Travel

by Holly Riddle

Feb 24, 2020

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A new survey from luxury travel network Virtuoso finds Generation X is fueling wellness travel going into 2020. The typical wellness traveler is now a Generation X woman traveling either solo or with a small group of friends, looking to reduce stress and anxiety and participate in activities such as meditation. They’re also more likely to look for activities that can equip them with better coping tools once they return home to better deal with stress and anxiety after a vacation. Some of the top destinations for these travelers include Bali and Thailand.


Virtuoso found the travelers’ top wellness travel motivations were stress and anxiety reduction; rest and relaxation; body, mind and spirit transformation; “getting away from it all”; and spiritual renewal. While traveling, the majority participates in meditation, but also enjoys properties that can provide spa treatments, yoga sessions, healthy dining and outdoor adventures. While the majority of these travelers are staying within the United States, they’re also looking to destinations such as Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica and Italy.


What does the future of wellness travel look like? Virtuoso also found the top five up-and-coming wellness travel destinations: Bhutan, Croatia, Vietnam, Portugal and South Africa. Emerging trends expected to become more prominent in the wellness travel arena include mental wellness offerings, spiritual retreats and purposeful or educational travel.


Fifty-three percent of Virtuoso specialists expect travel wellness spending to remain steady from 2019, while 45 percent of specialists expect travel wellness spending to increase in 2020.


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