Wunder360 S1 Scanner & Camera

by Benjamin Kerns

Oct 10, 2018

© Eevlva | Dreamstime

Products / Technology

The Wunder360 S1 is the world’s first multifunctional 3D scanning and 360-degree AI camera. With it you can capture panoramic moments of all your trips, taking incredible footage to bring home for your family and friends.


An AI inside the camera is able to scan your surrounding using a combination of photo and video. It then creates a 3D model of your footage that can be using on gaming platforms or to create your own virtual tour. The AI is also able to take those photos and turn them into printable mementos of your adventures. The Wunder360 S1 pairs with a cloud service platform that lets you create and share your 3D content. You can use it to publish your content online, reconstruct your trip into virtual reality or even make something of a game at it, if you’re really skilled in that department.


The camera comes with smooth stabilization to avoid shaky shots, target locking, a waterproof case and a phantom clip that lets athletes strap it on while they play. If you’re shooting for the full package, it comes with a lot of extras, including a selfie stick, 16GB micro SD card, card reader, a dual battery charger, mini tripod and more.


The Wunder360 S1 is set to retail for $299 with first shipments expected to begin November 2018. Check out the website for more information on features and ways to order before they run out.


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