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Under $100: Bayamón, Puerto Rico

by Benjamin Kerns

Aug 29, 2017

Puerto Rico © Mikolaj64 | Dreamstime

Under $100 / Caribbean

Bayamón is not only part of the metropolitan area of San Juan, but it’s also the second-most populated city in Puerto Rico, which means there’s plenty of stuff to do here to keep you busy for a day. Whether or not that day sends you into bankruptcy depends on how careful you are with your budget.

Begin the morning with a quick stop at Panaderia y Reposteria Madrid for some great Spanish treats and soup for less than $10. From there, make your way over to Luis A. Ferré Science Park. This 42-acre park contains numerous recreational areas, museums and even a zoo for only $10 a person.

You’ll likely spend the entire morning exploring there, so when lunch rolls around seek out Luis Pizza Palace. A slice here will run you roughly $5.

In the afternoon check out City Hall, a sprawling building that crosses overtop five lanes of traffic. When passing over the corridor to get inside you can actually see the cars flying by below you. Inside you’ll find some pretty spectacular architecture and history. Entrance is free.

Next, seek out Santa Cruz Cathedral, a monolith built in 1772 containing some of the island’s most stunning architecture. You can have a peek around for free.

In the evening you’ll want to grab a bite to eat at Aposento. The meals here are affordably priced and the mahi mahi is cooked to perfection. For an appetizer, make sure you get your hands on a plate of sweet plantains, a staple in the Puerto Rican diet. Throw down $30 for a meal here.

Finally, spend what you have left of the day walking the streets and checking out the local shops for deals on clothes and trinkets.


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