Copenhagen Taco Truck Named Europe’s Best

by Megan Hill

Jun 27, 2018

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Apparently the best food truck in Europe is a taco truck situated in Copenhagen. Some 73 food experts, including Michelin-starred Noma chef Rene Redzepi, along with international bloggers, industry experts and food writers, compiled a long list of contenders throughout Europe. And easyjet Traveller magazine collected the results.

Coming in first place is a Mexican taco stall called Hija de Sanchez. The truck started operations in 2015, and suddenly rocketed to world fame. Owner Rosio Sanchez combines Latin spices with Nordic ingredients for a unique combination. Her stall is at Torvehallerne, and she also has a newly opened restaurant called Vesterbro.

The top 10 list is as follows:

  1. Hija de Sanchez, Copenhagen
  2. Sea Me at the Time Out Market in Lisbon, which does Japanese/Portuguese fusion food
  3. Alain Miam Miam in Paris, whose grilled buckwheat galettes are loaded with organic vegetables
  4. AmsterDAM Good Cookies in The Netherlands, who sell the famous stroopwaffles
  5. Mordi e Vai in Rome, where traditional Italian staples like simmered brisket sandwiches, tongue and tripe are the order of the day
  6. BERLIN in Berlin, Germany, a kimchi/poutine mash-up
  7. Aleppo Bahebek, an Oslo-based shawarma joint staffed entirely by Syrian refugees
  8. Lángos Máshogy in Budapest, which blends hipster and traditional
  9. Korvar Kiosk, a Stockholm hotdog stand run by larger-than-life local celeb, Günter
  10. Yum Bun in London, which is a multisite bao bun institution
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