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Five Digital Detox Retreats

by Elisa Domenick

Sep 5, 2014

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In an age where technology is king, it seems normal and almost mandatory to most of us to be constantly connected. Email, text, video chat, GPS and an app for everything make it so easy to rely on technology to help us communicate and navigate our way through the everyday. Taking the time to unplug and recharge would seem like something we would all be looking forward to, but even while traveling many people bring their mobile devices with them and continue to use them. If you’re one of those people who needs extra help unplugging, these five retreats will help you detox from your digital dependency.


1. The Digital Detox: This organization is dedicated to creating balance in the digital age. They produce device-free events, lead workshops, host retreats and summer camps, run corporate trainings and seminars and bridge the gap between disconnecting and connecting.


2. Camp Grounded: From the minds behind The Digital Detox, this no-devices-allowed retreat in Anderson Valley, Calif., is summer camp for adults, and includes yoga, meditation, hiking, art and organic cuisine.


3. The Westin Dublin Digital Detox Package: This luxurious package includes breakfast in bed, an in-room massage, a detox survival kit and a safe to lock your gadgets away in, so that you can enjoy tranquility and peace in the heart of downtown Dublin.


4. Lake Placid Lodge: The rustic yet luxurious Lake Placid Lodge, in the Adirondacks, N.Y., is the perfect place to escape the distractions of everyday life. With the Check-In to Check-Out package, you can check in your devices upon arrival and use the rest of your trip to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, outdoor activities and the hotel’s many amenities.


5. St. Vincent and the Grenadines, The Caribbean: The islands of SVG encourage a complete unplugging from the world, designed to wean guests off their technology. Guests will be asked to ‘de-tech’ and hand over their mobile phones and gadgets surrendering themselves to fully enjoying their technology-free break. A number of the hotels in the destination have no televisions in the rooms and technology is discouraged on the beaches.



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