Travel Trend: Naked Vacations

by Allie Moore

Jul 17, 2015

© Guillohmz | Dreamstime

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Travel trends have reached a new level of niche. Na-cations, or nude vacations, are hitting the travel-sphere and allowing travelers to strip down and enjoy their holidays in the buff.


Aside from lighter luggage, what are the other benefits of naked vacations? For starters, travelers have reported feeling more relaxed when they bare it all. Instead of worrying what to wear to dinner or how to match their cover-up with their bathing suits, nude travelers can really relax, fully enjoy their surroundings and just be themselves.


Without having to pack layers and layers of clothes, luggage weighs less and you may be able to cut down your belongings to just a carry-on bag or a backpack, saving on baggage-check fees and leaving more money for sunscreen.


Nude holiday packages range from beach retreats to nudist hikes, and offer either clothing-free or clothing-optional excursions, and most are sponsored by the American Association for Nude Recreation. More than 270 nudist clubs and resorts exist in the United States, Canada and Mexico and additional clubs have been opening throughout the world.


Travelers with body image issues may just find solace in their insecurities once they lose their layers. All bodies are accepted and respected in their natural states when part of a nudist vacation experience. Whether you’re full-on nude or barely covered, enjoy the freedom that a no-clothes getaway can provide.


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