Under $100: Oahu, Hawai’i

by Nia Scott

Aug 9, 2018

Lanikai, Hawaii © James Crawford | Dreamstime.com

Under $100 / North America

Oahu, Hawai’i, is a gorgeous place with pristine beaches, lush forests and amazing food options. This is definitely a place that needs a longer time commitment than one day. For a quick trip or just passing through, try and make the most out of it.


Grab a quick breakfast at any café and get on the move. Hike Diamond Head in the morning. It’s a short 1.5-mile hike that grants you one of the best views in the world. You will be treated to a bird’s-eye view of the Pacific, mountains and the world-famous Waikiki beach. Take tons of selfies to commemorate the moment.


After you worked up a sweat, enjoy a relaxing brunch at the Hau Tree Lanai. It’s an open-air restaurant touching the beach. Reservations are recommended because it’s a popular spot. Order eggs benedict for a tasty dish. Plan to spend around $20.


For the rest of the afternoon, enjoy what Hawai’i is known for — the beach. The beaches of Hawai’i are gorgeous and famous around the world. Choose a water-based activity like paddle boarding, snorkeling or longboarding and dive into the water. These activities can range $15–40 so plan accordingly.


Relax by walking around the nearby neighborhood of Kapahulu and ,while you’re there, choose to eat at one of the many restaurants serving authentic Hawai’ian food. One of the best parts about going to a new place is getting to eat the authentic food. It brings you much closer to the culture. Plan to spend another $40 on food and any souvenirs you want.

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