What to Expect at Burning Man

by Emeri Callahan

Oct 11, 2018

Burning Man 2014 © Gwen Schroeder | Flickr

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It’s been said trying to describe what Burning Man is like to someone who hasn’t been is akin to trying to describe color to someone who is blind. While everyone has a different experience in the weeklong pop-up community, here is some basic information to help you decide if you should add Burning Man to your bucket list.


Join a Campsite

Whether you choose to bring an RV or stay in a tent, having a campsite to call home with other friends and “burners” will vastly improve your experience. Some camps provide daily meals, alcohol and amenities for a few hundred dollars.


You Bike. A Lot.

Bikes are hugely important at Burning Man. It will be your main mode of transportation for the week and will help you cover the miles of land of the “Playa.” I recommend bringing an electric bike, padded bike seat, bright wheel and bike lights for safety at night, and a bike lock.


You’re Awake Sunset to Sunrise

Your sleep schedule will be turned entirely upside down. While you can find people out and about at every hour of the day and night, most people prefer to sleep while the temperature is hot during the day and start exploring the Playa at sundown. Nighttime is when the community really comes to life! Art cars, art installations, pop-up activities and dance parties are all lit with bright neon lights.


It’s an Adventure

Prepare to enter an explosion of neon, have absolutely no idea what day or time it is, get lost in a dust storm, be overwhelmed by the creativity of people all around you, bike for longer than you thought humanly possible and quite possibly have your faith in humanity restored.




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