Zippo All-Terrain Grill

by Benjamin Kerns

May 1, 2015

© Alexandru Marinescu | Dreamstime

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If you’re out on the trail and in the mood for some grilled steak, no longer do you have to go without. Zippo has made the perfect companion for the outdoor grill master with their All-Terrain Grill.


The grill can fit into any vehicle thanks to a compact design that allows you to fold it up and stuff it in your trunk or on your car’s floorboard. Even better, it’s supposedly capable of rolling over any terrain. Zippo claims you can take it up a mountain just as well as you can take it tailgating at a football game.


The grill comes with a cast-aluminum firebox and lid to help hold in heat for extended periods of time. It’s also equipped with a flavor-infusion system that vaporizes drippings and locks in the taste. It has twin-burned technology, anti-rattle transportation and a push-button ignition, making this thing incredibly easy to use.


The wheels are coated in rubber to help get it over rocky terrain and it runs on both one- and 20-pound propane canisters. The frame is spring-assisted to help it fold naturally and the grate is coated in porcelain to make it durable.


You can purchase a Zippo All-Terrain Grill for $299.95 on their website.



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