Hensel’s Seafood and Deli

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Crescent City, Calif., is a sleepy town, and by no means does it possess a thriving restaurant scene. You won’t find uber-hip eateries with “farm to table” emblazoned on their menus.


Hensel’s Seafood and Deli fills a noticeable void in the non-chain restaurant options in this coastal town. The daytime spot is housed in a trailer, with the only seating being picnic tables outside. It’s no frills, sure, but the food is surprisingly excellent. What’s more, the dive sources its seafood from local fishers, many of whom offload their catches at the marina in sight of the restaurant. Rockcod is one of the staples here, a regional specialty otherwise hard to get.


At the helm is commercial fisherman Kenyon Hensel, who sources the rockcod sustainably and locally. Often, the fish was caught the very day you’re eating it.


The menu offers a wide variety of options, from cold and hot sandwiches to hot dogs and pulled pork sliders. But the specialties are the seafood: fish sandwiches, fish tacos and crab tacos, too. They’re assembled on corn tortillas and topped with slaw, avocado, cheese and lime. It’s simple food, to be sure, but the freshness and sincerity are what makes it unique. Be sure to get here early or be prepared to wait; Hensel’s does quite a business, and everything is assembled to order, so it can take a while to get fed.


Hensel’s Seafood and Deli

191 Citizens Dock Rd

Crescent City, Calif. 95531

707 951 8011


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